About PlaneEnglish


As private pilots, we at PlaneEnglish know the struggle many students face trying to learn how to master radio communications. It’s one of the most important aspects of flight training. Yet it often gets the least attention.


Learning communication in the air and repeating phrases given by an instructor, doesn’t build confidence. And it can overwhelm a student focused on a hundred other things (like flying the airplane). More importantly, rote memorization doesn’t teach you how to respond quickly, and confidently, to the rapidly changing situations you may find yourself in while flying.


There are other resources that broadcast airport frequencies and explain aviation communication. But people learn best by practicing, in real time, under myriad circumstances: on the ground, approach, or departure; at different airports; and with variable weather and pattern traffic. We created ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator to help pilots master the aviation radio outside of the cockpit and the classroom. For about the price of 5 minutes of flight time, ARSim provides students with superior, engaging, real-world comms training that can be completed at their own pace or as part of a formal ground school curriculum.